Dr Velluti contributes to a New Report on ‘Migration and the Law’ for the International Academy of Comparative Law (IACL)

Dr Velluti has recently contributed to a report on the UK experience in relation to migration and ¬†law. The report has been drafted in response to a questionnaire issued by the International Academy of Comparative Law (the ‘IACL’) on migration and law for the forthcoming 19th International Congress of Comparative Law, to be held in Vienna (Austria) in July 2014.

The report consists of two parts. The first part, entitled ‘Migration and Residence’, examines the principal legal instruments that bind the state and public authorities in matters of migration. The second part, entitled ‘Migration in a Broader Perspective’, situates the principal legal rules on migration, in force in the UK, into their broader historical and international context. Dr Velluti has contributed to the second part of the report and, in particular, on the section on the role of human rights and humanitarian protection, with a focus on domestic law and practice concerning the asylum process.

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About Dr Samantha Velluti

Previously at Manchester and Liverpool Law Schools as lecturer in EU law. I have researched and written extensively in the area of EU governance and constitutionalism and the Open Method of Co-ordination in the context of employment, gender equality and immigration. More recently, I have been carrying out research in the field of EU asylum law and policy examining legislative developments and the judicial activism of the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights. Other areas of research include the promotion of human rights and international labour standards in the EU external trade law and policy and in this context the relationship between the European Union and other International organisations as well as its relationship with third countries. I welcome collaborative research projects, including inter-disciplinary work, and Ph.D proposals focusing on these areas of research.

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