The Fascinating Socio-Legal Studies Association (SLSA) Annual Conference 2013

Dr Ngozi Okoye recently presented a paper titled “The Guidance on Internal Control and Risk Management: To What Extent is Behavioural Risk Managed in Corporate Governance?” at the SLSA annual conference held at the York Law School from 26th to 28th March 2013.
Dr Ngozi Okoye

The conference had about 350 delegates from different countries, with numerous papers presented in various streams.  There were also posters presented by postgraduates, as well as author meets reader sessions.  A lot of interesting papers were presented, and of particular interest was a paper which discussed the issue of whether e-mail exchanges should be categorised as “intellectual property”.  There was also a paper which raised the problems that are encountered by EU cross-border migrants as regards social security rights.

Another brilliant paper discussed the financial crisis and the part played by corporate officers, suggesting that solutions lie in the realm of private, rather than public law mechanisms.  Yet another paper discussed the prevalent shareholder model of corporations in Anglo-Saxon jurisdictions and the competing stakeholder model, arguing that enhanced regulation is necessary for companies whose activities impact heavily on society and suggesting the adoption of an enlightened sovereign control model.  A highlight of the conference was the plenary session talk delivered by Baroness Hale of Richmond, a Justice of the Supreme Court, which was titled “Should Judges be Socio-Legal Scholars?”.  The conference dinner which was held at the prestigious National Railway Museum added another level of glamour to the event.  It was an amazing couple of days, mingling with like minds and sharing thoughts on topical issues.